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Discover a living experience in SkyVille @ Dawson where nature is imbued in everyday living.

Four seperate levels of sky gardes in each block segment the residences into clusters. Each cluster has a distinct colour scheme to heighen SkyVille @ Dawson's unique visual appeal. Crowning the development is an enchanting rooftop garden.

Enjoy splendid views from the rooftop garden and sky gardens, which are all open to public. In some lookout spots, the cityscape spreads out before you. From other vantage points, the lovely sky and ground gardens are beautifully framed scenes that you will be proud to call your own.

A sky village is a cluster of 80 homes, which share a common space located above a village sky garden. These love Sky gardens are located every 11 storeys, right up to the rooftop. Each of these serve as communal spaces where residents can meet, mingle and interact with one another in a serene and scenic environment.

Gathering and study areas, play equipment, fitness facilities and more can be found in each of there sky garden

Head to the rooftop garden for breathtaking views of the surroundings.

SkyVille _ Dawson terrace View.jpg

SkyVille @ Dawson boasts many eco-friendly features to enhance the overall living experience and promotes green sustainability.

The Tower's north-south orientation and lush greenery - which include majestic heritage rain trees - encourage a naturally cooler, breezy environment. This environmentally friendly development also utilise solar-powered lighting for common areas. An on-site bioswale clear pollutants and silt from rain and runoff water before they enter the drainage system.

For residents, recycling is made convenient due to the provision of multiple refuse chutes for different waste types. There is also an on-site compost bin for decomposing garden waste.

SkyVille @ Dawson Badminton Court

SkyVille @ Dawson Multi Purpose Court

Skyville @ Dawson Fitness Corner

SkyVille @ Dawson Fitness Corner

SkyVille @ Dawson Playground

SkyVille @ Dawson Playground

For home owners who is keen to list your properties with us or interested parties who is keen to purchase a property, do register your interest below.

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